A Comprehensive Guide on How to rank higher on Google in 2021?

Everyone wants to rank high on Google and attract more people to their site. But few manage to do it successfully. A vast majority of site owners have no clue and still struggle to make it to the top.

There’s a popular saying “Out of sight, out of mind”. If you want your business to be successful online, you need to be in sight. Be seen. Be visible. More specifically, be more discoverable by more people who search for your products or services.

That begs the question: How to rank higher on Google in 2021?

If you’re wondering how to make your website rank higher on Google, this post reveals the secrets that have the power to make your site rank higher on Google in 2021 and beyond.

So pay close attention. Read and take notes. We promise it’d be worth 15 minutes of your time.

Let’s dive in and discover How to rank higher on Google in 2021?


Secret #1: Tweak Your On-Site SEO

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One of the fastest ways to improve your Google rankings is on-site SEO. Optimize title tags, content, internal links and URLs.

Keep your keyword in the beginning of your title tag. This is known as ‘frontloading”.

Secret #2: Sprinkle your page with some LSI Keywords

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LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It’s the method Google and other search engines use to study and compare relationships between different terms and concepts. 

LSI keywords are words and phrases that are related to the topic of your page. 

For example, let’s assume that we’re talking about “agriculture”. Then the LSI keywords would be “farming”, “farmers”, “seeds”, ‘yield”, “crops”, “drip irrigation” etc.

How to find the LSI keywords? Check out the free SEO tool – LSIGraph

Secret #3: Pay attention to Technical SEO

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Technical issues can have an impact on your site SEO. Make sure your site is optimize for mobile devices.

Google has mobile-friendly testing tool. You can use that to ensure mobile optimization of your site.

Secret # 4 Check the page speed

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Check to see how fast your site loads. Because page speed is a very important ranking factor for mobile searches

Is there a tool to test the speed? Of course, yes. Try this:

Secret #5: Match Content to Search Intent

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Search Intent (also known as “User Intent” or “audience intent”) describes the purpose of an online search. If tells about the main goal a user has when typing a query into Google search engine. 

Forbes calls the search intent as the foundation of a successful SEO strategy.

Secret # 6. Reduce your bounce rate

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To Google it matters how people interact with your site. If they’re able to find what they’re looking for, then that would improve your site rankings

If people land on your site and quickly bounce back to search results then that would be really an issue. That informs Google that your visitors are unhappy. Then ranking takes a beating.

So one of the best way to improve bounce rate is the align the content with search intent

Adding visual content such as videos, charts, screen shots etc., on your page also helps to reduce the bounce rate.

Secret # 7. Publish high quality content

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When you publish high quality content, people would read and share the link to that content on social media or via mail. 

Google algorithm is based on backlinks and the more your site has the higher is the chance of ranking higher

Make your content packed with data, stats and charts. And ensure that your content provides real value.

So come up with share worthy high quality content idea and publish it on site, regularly. Earn more backlinks and more visibility.

Remember, content is King.

Secret # 8. Create Long-Form Content

Longer the content, the better for ranking higher. Why long form? Because it generates more backlinks than short form content.

Secret # 9. Make it more visual

Publish attractive visual content such as infographics, charts, maps, videos etc.

Secret # 10. Build Backlinks

Millions of posts are published every month on WordPress, if you want to stand out, promote your site and make people link to your site. Use some proven link building strategies.

There are various other link building strategies including guest blogging, publishing a resource page etc. 

Secret # 11. Ranking higher on Google Maps


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Secret # 12. Boost Your Click-through rate

1. Use short, concise sentences
2. Make your blog post interesting by using humor or storytelling
3. Include a strong headline to grab the reader’s attention
4. Create a call-to-action that asks for an action from the reader (e.g., “read more” or “sign up”)
5. Keep paragraphs short and easy to read
6. Add images to break up text blocks and make it easier on the eye

Now, let’s turn our attention to how to rank higher on Google Maps.

Google maps is the preferred navigation tool for more than 60% of consumers.

One of the crucial marketing tools for your business is Google Maps.  List your business on Google Maps and get found by new customers and generate more business for free!

  • First, set up a Google My Business account and add your business to the Google Maps. Claim your listing and add more details about your business.
  • Mentioning your local telephone number along with your area code number will help you rank better in Google Maps. It will also let searchers know that your business is located in that particular area.
  • Describe your business. Write a business description. Establish a better connect with your visitors. Make sure your description include your business name, products and services.
  • Add photos to your Google maps business listing. Google will start showing images in local search result. Listing without photos would be less appealing to customers and may not rank high. Upload high quality photos
  • Get Google reviews. Positive reviews would great improve your ranking. Ask for reviews and respond to them.
  • Post regularly. Just like Facebook, you can post regularly. It shows that you’re active and manage your listing.
  • You can also embed Google Maps on the contact us page of your website, Use the same address that you have on your Google Maps business listing.


What’s the fastest way to rank new content?

Apply these techniques to rank your new content quickly:

  • When using keywords use the less popular ones
  • Try as many keyword modifiers as possible
  • Make your content deeper and more informative
  • Avoid using commercial keywords
  • Buy traffic to your site
  • When writing new articles add internal links from old article

What’s a good page rank?

PageRank, a system for ranking web pages developed by the founders of Google, is all about links. 

If the page rank of link is higher, it’s considered more authoritative. PageRank uses a score system to rank the pages.

A score of 0 means a low quality website. A score of 10 means It’s the most authoritative site.

There used to be a toolbar that indicated the rank of a particular webpage. It’s no longer operational. Google withdrew it.

But PageRank still matters and is very much used by Google. How it works can help us to do better SEO.

Can you pay Google to rank higher?

You may wonder, that’s a lot of work. There has to be short cut. Instead of applying all these techniques, what if we pay Google to rank higher?

Search listings are free. Google says ”there’s no way to request or pay for a better local ranking. We do our best to keep the search algorithm details confidential, to make the ranking system as fair as possible for everyone.”

According to Google, running a Google Ads campaign does not help in SEO rankings.

There’s another questions clients usually ask

How long does it take for Google to rank my page?

Well, it depends on a lot of factors. According to AHREFS, it takes a page anywhere from 2 – 6 months to rank in Google’s top 10.

How many people stay on the first page of Google?

  1. The answer to this question varies depending on the search engine
  2. Google has a 90% chance of staying on the first page
  3. Yahoo and Bing have a 20% chance of staying on the first page
  4. So what does that mean for you if your site is not one of these top three search engines, like DuckDuckGo or AOL’s Search Alliance Group (SAG)?
  5. You can still stay in business by having an active social media presence and optimizing your website with SEO best practices 
  6. One way to get more traffic is through blogging – just make sure you’re adding fresh content regularly! 

Final Thoughts

The coming years will see a big impact on SEO marketing strategies. It’s the Quality Content that provides real value for users. That’s evident in the recent Google updates. 

We have given above few of the secret ranking factors that can help you rank No. 1 Google. But remember, it cannot happen overnight. 

You need to study and understand all those techniques and then deploy them in your site. Consistent effort will take you to the top, for sure.

Here are few more resources for you that would help your site rank higher on Google in 2021



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